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I figured I should post some general rules and regulations. So here are the basics:
1. You must love Gaara. Pretty simple since we are the :iconwe-love-gaara-club:
2. Make sure to submit your works to the proper folder, and please use descresion when submitting art. I love seeing other members works, but you don't have to dump your entire gallery of Gaara in one shot.
3. All works should be properly censored. That's just a basic rule dA has, and that's a basic rule I enforce.
4. No bashing of any members, or works. I'm a strong believer in this guys. No bashing, AT ALL.
5. Only submit orginal works, any work that has been thefted will be reported and promptly removed. Art theft is an issue, but it's an issue we can avoid if we all just upload our original works.

Members: We're always accepting new members! All you have to do is ask to join!

Folders: Please utalize the proper folders!

Affiliates: We mostly affiliate with anime/manga/Naruto and Gaara related groups! Please feel free to suggest new groups for us to affiliate with!

:new: About Oc's and other Notables :new:

1. Oc's should not be submitted by themselves. This is a Gaara fanclub, not an oc fanclub.
2. If you would like to submit a comic page without Gaara on that page to continue the story, feel free too. If you have any doubts hold off on that specific submission. Simply note the club about your concern and I'll look it over ASAP.
3. DON'T DUMP YOUR GALLERY IN ONE SHOT. Not only does it get annoying to the administers and other group members, but later on you won't have anything to share when we're having a 'slow' period.

And please, please, PLEASE utlize folders guys! I just rechecked the setting on those, and they should be working! PLease just note the club if they're not!

Any questions, comments, concerns just drop a comment on this journal, or a note the club will do.


You must LOVE GAARA!
To join, just click the button at the top that says 'join' and maybe type a little something on why you want to join.
If you've finally added us, please add the icon/link on your journal entry. Or only the link on your signature.
Like this:
We-Love-Gaara-club it'll look like this  #We-Love-Gaara-club
:iconwe-love-gaara-club : it'll look like this  :iconwe-love-gaara-club:
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Submitted on
August 18, 2010